Police in the Concord area take special care to catch people driving under the influence. This can apply not just to instances that allege driving after consuming alcohol but also extends to allegations that a person is high on drugs or has driven after taking a prescription medication that causes impairment.

Police officers and prosecutors have many options to pursue after they make an arrest for DUI. They can attempt to prove that a person’s blood/alcohol content was sufficient to meet the state’s definition of intoxication. However, even without direct evidence of a person’s blood alcohol content, they may try to prove that there was enough evidence of impairment to justify a drunk driving or impaired driving conviction.

A Concord DUI lawyer may be able to help you after an arrest alleging intoxicated driving. A seasoned criminal defense attorney could work to explain the state’s DUI laws, develop a defense to defeat a prosecutor’s allegations, or work with the prosecutor to determine if you are eligible for a diversion program.

Fighting DUI Charges at Trial

Every person is innocent in the face of a criminal charge until a prosecutor proves their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and DUI cases are no exception. N.H. RSA 265-A:2 says that it is against the law for someone to operate or attempt to operate a vehicle when they are under the influence of any product that impairs their ability to drive. Specifically, it is per se, or inherently, illegal for a person to drive while they have a blood/alcohol concentration of 0.08 or higher.

A Concord attorney could help develop defenses against DUI allegations by creating reasonable doubt when an arrest centers around a police officer’s word or contesting the results of the test used to obtain a blood/alcohol level.

Helping Individuals in Concord Enter Diversionary Programs

The penalties for a DUI conviction can be harsh. Even a first offense can see a sentence of six months in jail, a fine of at least $500, submission to drug/alcohol abuse evaluation, and a loss of their license for up to two years. Obtaining a not guilty verdict at trial will avoid these penalties.

However, in some cases it may be in a person’s best interest to admit fault for the incident and push for a reduced sentence. This might be possible through diversionary programs. If a person admits guilt for the offense and agrees to a period of probation and alcohol/drug intervention classes, a court could reduce the loss of license to as little as 90 days, order that a defendant pay a series of fines, and eventually drop the charges altogether. There is no set program under the law for plea deals after a DUI arrest, and a dedicated attorney could help to push for more favorable terms if the client agrees.

Reach Out to a Concord DUI Attorney Now

Arrests for allegations of DUI are among the most common criminal charges filed against citizens in Concord. Not only could a guilty verdict result in a mandatory loss of license, payment of fines, and time spent in prison, but a mere arrest could see a person lose their license if they refuse to participate in a breath or blood test.

Let a Concord DUI lawyer fight to protect your present and future. They will review the facts of your case and guide you toward a plea deal or a well-crafted defense. Contact a Concord DUI lawyer now to learn more.