The last thing many people want to do is to be put in a position where they need to file a personal injury lawsuit because they sustained car accident injuries. However, injured persons could be entitled to monetary compensation that can ease the burden of the physical and mental recovery process.

A knowledgeable attorney can guide injured parties through the lawsuit process. By scheduling a consultation with a skilled Concord car accident lawyer, you can determine whether you are eligible for compensation.

Auto Wreck Laws for Concord Residents

According to the N.H. Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”), Concord residents who have suffered injuries or property damage (including vehicle damage) that amounts to more $1,000 from a car crash have 15 days to file an accident report. Often, the police will respond to a car accident and file a report, but if they do not, the driver(s) involved will need to file an Operator’s Report.

Once someone files an accident report, it gets submitted to the DMV, and the accident then gets applied to each driver’s record. The DMV does not list fault on the liable party’s record.

Carrying car insurance is not mandatory for drivers in Concord, NH. However, vehicle owners may need to provide proof of insurance in the event of an accident, criminal conviction, or other legal or administrative action. A well-versed lawyer could explain the regulations for motor vehicle crashes.

What to Do after Sustaining a Car Crash Injury

Whether at-fault or not, it is a good idea for all parties to record the following:

  • Names, license plate numbers, insurance information, and apparent state (mental and physical) of all individuals involved, and any witnesses
  • Detailed descriptions, pictures, or videos of the vehicle damage, injuries sustained, and road conditions
  • Statements made by other parties
  • Date, time, and cross streets of accident

This information can give a proactive attorney a head-start on building an auto accident case for the plaintiff(s).

After leaving the scene of the accident, all injured persons should see a medical professional for diagnosis. Not only will this corroborate their injury claims, but it will also allow them to get immediate treatment and prevent their conditions from worsening.  It is crucial for injured parties to follow through as completely as possible with the medical treatments recommended by their doctors.  Failure to do so can make it very difficult to prove not on the extent of an injury, but also its causal link to the accident.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim

An experienced attorney in Concord can assist car accident victims through the filing process and advise on things like what documents to file, how to obtain said documents, what information to include in the claim, where to submit it, and what the filing fees might be. Working with a legal professional can bring claimants great peace of mind, knowing that they do not have to know all the answers because an expert is there to help.

Statute of Limitations for Auto Accident Claims

The statute of limitations to submit a car accident injury claim in Concord is three years. Claims made after this period could be subject to dismissal.

Proving Negligence in an Injury Case

Claimants must prove that the other driver was negligent to be eligible for compensation. Cases of negligent driving might include driving under the influence, failure to abide by road signs and traffic lights, speeding, failure to keep a proper lookout, failure to yield the right of way, and more. These are important factors an auto accident attorney can use when pursuing damages for their client.

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