When people must use justified force in defense of themselves, their families, or a third party, it can be an overwhelming and terrifying experience. Apart from suffering the emotional trauma associated with injuring or taking the life of someone, the actor faces the potential of criminal conviction, prison time, and massive civil liability that can cause financial ruin. The law regarding the justified use of force in New Hampshire is very nuanced and requires knowledge and skill in application. Retaining an experienced New Hampshire Self-Defense Lawyer is paramount to protecting yourself, your family, and your assets. A skilled firearms attorney at Lehmann Major List, PLLC could use their vast legal knowledge to fight for your rights.

Justified Use of Force

New Hampshire law, pursuant to RSA 627:4, permits an individual to use the amount of force reasonably necessary to stop what he or she believes to be the imminent use of unlawful force against the actor or a third person. New Hampshire is a “stand your ground” state, meaning that a person generally has no duty to flee from an unlawful violent threat so long as the actor is not the initial aggressor, did not agree to a mutual fight, and is not trespassing. There are some exceptions that a self-defense lawyer in New Hampshire can further explain as applicable to your specific situation.

In New Hampshire, people are provided a higher level of protection in their homes. The “Castle Doctrine” allows New Hampshire residents to use deadly force during a burglary of their home so long as they reasonably believe the burglar will use any degree of unlawful force against the actor or a third person. If someone is committing a felony on the curtilage of a person’s property, and the person reasonably believes any force will be used, deadly force is also legally justified. Further, a person is justified in using deadly force to stop kidnapping or a forcible sex offense.

Display of a Firearm

In New Hampshire, a person is legally permitted to display a firearm for the purpose of warning away a threat which would be considered by a reasonable person as likely to cause serious bodily injury or death to the person or to another. Additionally, pursuant to RSA 631:3, V, the act of displaying a firearm alone is not, in and of itself and without additional circumstances, considered to be reckless conduct.

Retain an Experienced Self-Defense Attorney in New Hampshire for Your Case

It can be easy for law enforcement to confuse self-defense with assault or murder. If you are arrested because you defended yourself or someone else, it is important to retain a New Hampshire attorney who can aggressively represent your interests right away. Retaining a self-defense attorney with experience in firearms law could be the difference between you going home or going to prison.

The New Hampshire self-defense lawyers at Lehmann Major List, PLLC, have experience representing individuals in a wide variety of self-defense, display and justified use of force cases. Our lawyers defend law-abiding citizens in all manners of self-defense, whether the justified actor used fists, a knife, a gun, or another means of personal protection. Schedule a confidential consultation with one of our self-defense attorneys today.  We are ready to discuss the details of your particular situation and begin evaluating the options for your defense.