Being charged with a crime in Concord can drastically alter your life. Not only can you face jail time, fines, and probation, but there may also be long-lasting repercussions on your family, career, and reputation.

Whether you face a DUI, drug charge, simple assault, or homicide, a skilled Concord criminal defense lawyer could help. Let one of our steadfast attorneys help ensure your rights are protected as you navigate the criminal justice system.

What is the Burden of Proof in Local Criminal Cases?

In a criminal case, the burden of proof lies with the State. The prosecution must prove each element of the offense “beyond a reasonable doubt”, according to N.H. RSA 625:10. A skilled Concord attorney could work to discredit the prosecution’s claims or leverage the evidence in your favor to defend your rights and innocence during criminal proceedings.

Important Constitutional Rights Apply When You Are Interacting with the Police or Charged with a Crime

One of the primary duties of a criminal defense attorney is making sure that important constitutional rights you have as a citizen are not violated by the police and prosecutors. These rights include:

  • The right to remain silent so that you do not incriminate yourself
  • The right to a speedy and public trial
  • The right to see, hear, and question all witnesses against you
  • The right to present all evidence that and call all witnesses that support your defense
  • The right to have the Court order that all evidence that tends to favor you be produced by the police and prosecutors
  • The right to have any evidence that has been gathered in violation of your constitutional rights excluded at trial
  • The right to appeal to a higher court if you are convicted at trial.

A key right that too many people misunderstand and take for granted is your right to remain silent when the police are questioning you. Talking to the police when they are questioning you about a potential criminal act rarely, if ever, results in the police not charging you, and more often simply helps them build a case against you. Even if you believe you are in the right, it is much safer to consult with a qualified criminal defense attorney before speaking with the police.

The Concord attorneys at Lehmann Major List, PLLC are experienced and qualified to help protect your constitutional rights and prevent any evidence that was obtained in violation of those rights from being used against you.

Classification of Criminal Charges in Concord

Criminal charges in Concord may be categorized as felonies, misdemeanors, or violations under N.H. RSA 625:9. Felony and misdemeanor offenses are crimes, but violations are not. A seasoned Concord criminal defense attorney could help an accused individual understand what charges they are facing and their options going forward.

Felony Charges

In Concord, felony charges fall under Class A or Class B. Class A felonies are the most serious, and a conviction can result in seven and a half to 15 years in jail, fines of up to $4,000, and up to five years’ probation. Certain Class A felonies, such as murder, are punishable by the death penalty or life in prison without parole. Class B felonies are less severe than Class A but still result in serious consequences. Conviction of a Class B felony could lead to jail time of three and a half to seven years, fines up to $4,000, and up to five years’ probation.

In addition to jail time and fines, a felony conviction can impact someone’s ability to find work, housing, or acceptance into college. A qualified defense attorney who is familiar with the Concord criminal justice system could negotiate for mitigation of charges and build a strong defense to obtain the best possible outcome.

Misdemeanor Charges

While misdemeanors are not as serious as felonies, they are criminal offenses that result in penalties. Misdemeanors are classified as Class A and Class B. Class A misdemeanors can result in jail time of up to one year, fines up to $2,000, and possible probation. Class B misdemeanors can lead to fines up to $1,200 but no jail time.

A misdemeanor charge will show up on your record and could have a negative impact on your future prospects. A skilled Concord criminal defense attorney could help mitigate penalties or even get the charges dismissed altogether depending on the facts of the case.


Violations, such as traffic violations, are not considered crimes under state law. Penalties may include fines or license suspension but will not remain on one’s record.

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